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Twin Flight Crew Podiums At Crank Honors Blogging Awards

CRANK-Honors-20111Movies have The Oscars, of course, and the Blogosphere at large has the Bloggies. But for folks who blog about bikes and cycling-related matters, there is no higher honor than the World Cycling Blog Crank Honors List, hosted by the folks at

We're stoked because for 2011, two of the six categories were awarded to Airborne Flight Crew members.

  • gregTop Mountain Bike Blog honors went to s econd-year Flight Crew member Gregory Heil, for his eponymous Greg Rides Trails. Here's What LovingTheBike has to say about Greg's blog:

Greg Rides Trails was in the running last year, but was beat out in the end.  This year Greg was able to come out on top in the Mountain Bike Blog category.  Congratulations, Greg.

About: At Greg Rides Trails, he is interested in sharing concrete mountain biking information and instruction with you, and doesn't get too deep into simple stories of where he rides or what he crashed attempting to do the other day.

  • arleighThe best Women's Cycling Blog was a new category this year. and we're proud to have our own Arleigh Jenkins take home top honors for As LovingThe Bike puts it:

We are super happy to have added the women's cycling blog category to this year's Crank Honors.  There are a bunch of great cycling blogs that focus on promoting cycling to women and highlight all the great things happening within it. This was another very close category, with each of the top 5 blogs getting a lot of votes. Up until the last day of voting,  That Messenger Chick looked like they were going to take the category….but all of a sudden the fans of Bike Shop Girl came through with force and allowed her to come out on top.  Congratulations to Bike Shop Girl on being the inaugural winner of the Women's category of Crank Honors.

About: Bike Shop Girl is about "Empowering the cyclist within you."  Its author Arleigh is a bicyclist, mechanic, bike fit guru, educator and says she is learning every day.

Arleigh and Greg, congratulations to you both-- we couldn't be prouder of you! As for the rest of the Flight Crew, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention the excellent blogs from Flight Crew members (in no particular order) Todd Haskins, Jerry Hazard, Neal Bryant, Marty Tank, Wendy Davis (Sasha Pterovich), Kevin Bonney, and Dan "The Virginia Ripper" Lucas.

Bike Cafés: Cultural Magnet?

An Idea Whose Time Has Come: Bike Cafés

sign_smKudos to for their feature article last week, Growing Numbers of Bike Cafés Gear Up To Serve Cyclists. And it's great that they started out in Seattle-quite possibly the World's Most Caffeinated City.

But what would have been truly cool is if they'd mentioned our absolute favorite: the 2nd Street Bike Stop Café in St Charles, MO...owned and operated by Airborne Flight Crew member Tony Caruso.

Not only are Tony & Company serving up coffee, pastries and other good chow, they've created a bike culture magnet that draws from the whole St Louis area.

Do you have a "bike culture magnet" in your town-a place where cyclists (and just regular foloks who ride bicycles too) go to hang out? It might be a bike shop, a coffee place, a street corner, you name it. But whatever it is, use the Comments section to tell us about it!