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With the exception of our Wingman dirt jump bike, all Airborne models come without pedals.

This is industry-standard practice for bikes in our price range. That's because there are any number of different pedals and pedal/cleat systems out there, and cyclists often have a favorite they ride with exclusively.

We offer two styles of pedals:

  • SPD (Shimano-style) clip-in pedals are for use with cycling shoes and cleats. The shoe/cleat system keeps your feet connected to the pedal, increasing speed and efficency. Release your foot by twisting your heel outwards. Clip-in pedals of various systems are preferred by most Cross-Country riders, some Trail riders,  and virtually all Cyclocross racers.

  • Platform (flat) pedals are for use with regular street or athleteic shoes. Preferred by riders in disciplines where a sudden dismount is likely, as in All Mountain, or Downhill/Freeride, or Dirt Jumping. Often these pedals have pins (removable on some models) to increase grip.

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Exustar PM215

Picture of Exustar PM215
Forged alloy MTB pedals with cleats. Works with SPD (Shimano)-compatible MTB shoes.

Exustar PM211

Picture of Exustar PM211
More affordable than (although not as durable as) the PM215; a great first-timer's cleated pedal (comes with cleats, too).