Goblin Beats Out Trek, Specialized, Giant In Phoenix Examiner's "Three Great Deals" Round-Up

We've been Following Arizona mountain bike rider/writer/blogger Justin Schmid on Twitter (@wandering_j) for awhile now, but never communicated with him directly. So imagine our surprise and delight to see that he'd selected the Airborne Goblin for his "Three Great Deals" feature article in yesterday's Phoenix Examiner.

Other honorees were Schwinn's venerable Frontier Expert and Cannondale's Trail SL2, both excellent bikes in their own right (although we might suggest a spec-by-spec comparison between the $439 Frontier and our $345 Spectre).

Phoenix_ExaminerIn addition to saying nice things about us, we like the fact that Justin understands there's more to bike-life than zillion-dollar dream machines:

Any bicycle company should be able to make a great $5,000 bike. But it's trickier to offer a bike for a fraction of that price without slashing a big chunk of the performance. Since May is Bike Month, now's the time to check out bikes that can get you into the sport or be your shiny new second bike - without maxing out the credit card.

Here's what he has to say about the Goblin:

Here we are at the highest range of our "value bike" spectrum. The Goblin is $1,199, and absolutely stuffed with good parts: The Reba fork and Avid Elixir R brakes would be at home on a bike twice the price. The SRAM X-7 20-speed drivetrain is capable, but not flashy.

You can read the complete article here.

If fairness, Justin's not completely sold on our direct-to-consumer model. But we've invited him to demo a Goblin to see our out-of-box experience for himself, so stay tuned. Also, Airborne bikes are also available both online and in-store at selected Sun and Ski stores in Texas and 12 other states' worth of locations for test-ride.

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