On The Podium Again! Twenty-Nine Inches Ranks the Airborne Goblin #3 On Its "Top Ten Of 2011."

Validation comes in many forms. Our personal favorite is hearing it from riders who appreciate our efforts to make best-in-class bikes that are also the best value around. But kudos in the cycling press? Well, those are pretty darn good, too.

We've already shared some of TwentyNineInches.com's thoughts on the Airborne Goblin here. And it's clear Guitar Ted "gets" the Airborne brand and why we think it's important to make good-quality machines available to regular folks who aren't necessarily willing to blow the college fund on some Dream Ride (don't get us wrong-- we love those bikes too, but they're not necessarily for everyone, and we're happy to provide an alternative).

29inches_smSo it was especially cool when we learned this morning that not only had we made the TwentyNineInches Top 10 Products list, but had managed to snag the #3 slot. And as far as we can tell, it's also the first time a "value" bike has ever made the Top Ten list.

Following are some of the nice things Guitar Ted had to say about us:

  • "The Goblin 29 appears at a price point that is highly competitive, (right around 1150 dollars), and does so with performance that belies its price. Not only that, but it packs some pretty impressive spec at that price as well."
  • "the bike comes very well packed with minimal assembly required. Even if you didn't have a clue as to how to adjust the bike, it would be rideable..."
  • "...a fun, agile trail bike with a good balance of stability at speed and technical slow speed handling which wasn't too heavy or floppy feeling at all."
  • "It made for a great climbing and accelerating feel at the pedals, while not being a jackhammer on the bum at the saddle."
  • "the Goblin is a great deal on a fine performing 29 inch wheeled hard tail. Definitely an impressive first outing for the new Airborne."

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